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03 January 2011 @ 06:50 pm
I can finish it!!! Yattoooooo~
Even though, it didn't finish before 2011, like I hoped in my last entry..
But whatever, I made it to the end! hahaha... *jikochuu onna* xD

Okay, I wanna share all Indonesian soft subs of Soukon (ep 1-19 End).

To all of my Indonesian friends... (MF links):
ep1 Lari ke NTV!
ep2 Estafet Soukon
ep3 Mengukur Kalori
ep4 Kabur!
ep5 Plesetan di Jembatan
ep6 Mengukur Kecepatan Berlari
ep7 Berlari di Kebun Binatang
ep8 Shige, semangat!
ep9 Estafet Pembalasan
ep10 Berlari Mengitari Apartemen
ep11 Olimpiade Soukon 2010
ep12 Maraton di Tokyo part1 (Shige Massu)
ep13 Maraton di Tokyo part2 (Koya Tego)
ep14 Berlari di Saitama
ep15 Cerita Hantu!
ep16 Olimpiade Soukon Sp & Estafet Keichan
ep17 Maraton di Osaka part1
ep18 Maraton di Osaka part2
ep19 Final: Hutan Soukon!

Enjoy it, minna~!!
27 December 2010 @ 03:58 pm
Hi there~ anyone recognize me as her/him friend? LOL

It's been a century since my last post in livejournal.

I wanna post these resolutions.

1. I'll be a good writer on LJ and fansubber. LOL
2. I could improve my Japanese and English, both writing and speaking.
3. I'll find my 'tegoshi' in somewhere in this world.
4. I want 11.11.11 become my special day. (>///<)
5. Go to Japan and watch JE countdown 2011-2012! Yeaaaahhh~

Let's make dreams come true in 2011, Mimikooo (screaming to my self)! xD

I wanna explain something.
I and Vie still subbing Soukon.
We just can't find free time these days.
I'll finish the last episode in the end of this year.
Let's hope Vie can find a little free time to edit the EngSub.
Gambatte for us!!! Hehehe...

Btw, I like tego's new hair now!
Sweet dark brown. Love you, Kirishima-kun~ <3
Can't wait for Deka Wanko! >,< mukyaaa...

and LOL at this massu's fanboy!

Yeaaay yamapi!

Yeaaay~ my Live3x dvd has arrived! *random*
02 February 2010 @ 09:48 pm



だって、まだ自己中なんだよね~ ふふふ


やっぱり、アイツは (ごめん、アイツって呼んでいる) まだ昔の自己中の手越くんですね。



でも、面白い~!好きです。 >_____< キャアァ~~
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14 October 2009 @ 09:48 pm
I did not realize, until I watched Dareka ga Uso wo Tsuiteiru..
many times.. especially after-bathed-scene and back-side-scene!! (>/////<)/~

He is getting bigger.. and taller..
Even though his body is not macho enough, LOL.. xDDDDD
But he is not skinny-guy if wearing a NORMAL T-shirt and NORMAL jeans.. ha ha ha!!
I hope he'll get chubby and black-haired soon..

And also...
I hope I'll finish "Dareka ga Uso wo Tsuiteiru" Indonesian sub as soon as possible!!

After graduation, my too-much-free-time is making me more lazy than my really-busy-time.
Ugh.. ToT

I know my words completely weird.. Ha Ha Ha!!

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Okay, maybe this is only my personal thoughts or my egoistic feelings. But for SURE, I am SICK with all of those things!!!

I love Matsuri and Japan is one of BIG part of my life. So, don’t blame me if I really wanted to see -at least- everything look like Japan’s Festival (Matsuri).

It is not about fandom and please don’t judge me as a CRAZY fan girl, just because I love one of Japanese boy band.

I went to that festival, named Matsuri Japan bla3x.. Honestly, I was not really excited. Actually it was because one of my friends, who went to that festival the day before, told me it was interesting. And some of my friends who played Taiko invited me to see their performance. When I arrived, I didn’t realize before the sound which was playing there. Actually, when I realized, I know that sounds. All of sounds were from complete album or singles -maybe- or if I could say, all of them are from ONE boy band that has so many fans, popularty, handsomeness, high class and also prestige.

That boy band consist some members. They have so many versions of single in many languages, including Japan version. Wow!! They are incredible, amazing handsome prince!! And their voice, don’t ask me again, it is such a wonderful voice, really. Oh, don’t forget, they are VERY GOOD at dancing!!

Hey, I am not bashing in here. I like that boy band too. I am not lying! I have some of their songs and PV’s. But honestly, I am not a fan of them.

So what is the problem??

I just confused with those sounds. Those sounds were only from same songs which were playing over and over again. Hey, there are so many Japan songs!! Not only those BEAUTIFUL songs from ONE and THE ONLY ONE boy band, even though in Japan version. Well, I don’t like making difference about citizenship, but IN FACT, they are not Japanese.

And you know what was happened when anime cosplayer walked on the stage? They walked with those SWEET songs. Well, actually not really that sweet, some of them pop ballad, hip hop, R n B, or something which has beat of course.

But, what do you think if some Bleach cosplayers walked on stage with pop ballad song and NOT Japan version. Ergh.. is it FUNNY?? I felt so sorry for them..

One thing made me so uncomfortable. The crew was not so fair. Some of my friends, who had performance on stage as Japanese boy band cosplayer, were stopped suddenly in the middle of their performance. Hey YOU! They still have their time to do dance performance. Screw you, crew!!

When I heard from my friend who watched that show from the beginning, she said that there was one AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME, WONDERFUL VOICE, GREAT DANCING group Boy Band COSPLAYER who did the dance performance before our friends. And she said that THEY have A LOT OF enjoying time to do that. Oh such a great FACT. Ha ha ha!!

So, am I wrong if I feel so weird about this festival?
I just want to see the REAL MATSURI!!!
Oh God, I have to go to Japan to fulfill my dreams.

But still there is one good thing from this festival, “Happy can see you there...”

PS: sorry for bad grammar.. ugh!
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03 March 2009 @ 07:28 am
Actually Indonesian translation for Usouso is already done.
But I'm still editing and timing it to make a good subtitle.
And Setzuko (tecchinvie) is trying to make an English Sub for it.
Although she is really busy with her study in Seoul now.

うそうそは本当に面白かったよ。 たくさんいい考えがあります。

Yoshh!! Back to editing and timing again..
頑張らなきゃァ~ >_______< faitoo!! Ough!!

PS: when the sub is done, we will post it at NEX LJ and our local forum.. ^_^v
hope our connection in a good mood.. fiuhh..
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15 February 2009 @ 10:01 am
Finally I changed my mood themes..

and kimmyxfleur.. LOVE YOU!!!!!

I really LOVE these mood themes!!

kyaaaaaaa~~ ureshiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!

okay, this.. give you a sweet pineapple!! XD

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31 December 2008 @ 11:16 pm





じゃ、みんな~ あけましておめでとう!q(^o^)p

For Indonesian people..


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20 October 2008 @ 07:58 pm
it has been so looooooooooooooooooooooooooonng....

I can't browse internet in my home......*till now!!*
so sucks~
I AM ISOLATED for almost a month!!
*hug tegoshi*

*screaming loudly*

even searching data for my studies..
I have to go-BACK- to internet cafe!!

I have to do my paper right now!!

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"A legend unites filmmakers as diverse as Kon Ichikawa and Yudai Yamaguchi."
SCREENED AT THE 2007 FANTASIA FESTIVAL: The bit that opens this film has legendary Japanese novelist Soseki Natsume admitting that the book "Ten Nights of Dreams" is meant to be a mystery, one which might not be solved for a hundred years. He says this in 1906, and the maid he's addressing comments that she'd have to reincarnate to see that. A hundred years later, ten notable directors have each made a short film based on one of the book's surreal stories, and while the results must often be quite far from what a Meiji-era writer imagined, they are nearly all fascinating.

credit: google
by: Jay Seaver
You can see the original story in here http://www.aozora.gr.jp/

And this is the 10th Dream, YUME JUUYA!!


Just a little story:

Subtle is the last thing you'll get from the final film, as Yudai Yamaguchi unleashes his particular brand of double-barrelled crazy on the audience with his story of a handsome but lazy shopkeeper who goes off with a beautiful woman only to find himself punished for his crimes toward the less attractive. Features a rocket-propelled walking stick, trap doors, a midnight murder, and a wrestling match against a giant anthropomorphic pig. It's an absolute gas.

Back to my mother language:

Siapakah dia? Yup, dia adalah matsuken.. Matsuyama Kenichi..

Dia berperan jadi Shotaro, tokoh utama film mimpi kesepuluh dari Yume Juuya dan di situ gw akui dia bnr2 jago bgt akting, plus ekspresinya kocak.. gw suka bgt ni film, why?

Karena smuanya ada, lucu, cakep, konyol, keren, serem, sadis, psikopat, komikal, gila, roman, future, pokoknya semua deh.. dan satu hal film ini aneh + gantung

Jadi kalo yg ga suka akhir yg gantung dan ga mau mati penasaran, ga usah nonton gpp koq, ga akan digentayangin sm matsuken.. hahaha

Let's see the picspam:

and then, do you know him? (liat ke bawah..)

Yess, he is also matsuken as Shotaro dan dia ga mati2!!! terus idup sampe umur 138 tahun, jadi astronot pulak.. XD

Ini beda sama karya aslinya Natsume Souseki yg sebetulnya Shotaro mati. Tapi gw lebih suka film adaptasi ini, imej-nya bener2 beda!! Dan film ini pernah gw jadiin tema paper kritik sastra gw.. hahaha. Lumayan si hasilnya, diantara nilai akhir gw yg lain, Kritik Sastra paling tinggi. Yeah, I love Literature!!
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